About Us 

Mile High Landscaping is dedicated to installing high quality, artistic landscapes, that are built to last. This is accomplished by developing a professional and concise LANDSCAPE DESIGN, using the best quality materials available and adhering to installation techniques that go above and beyond the industry standard. Through years of experience in outdoor design and construction, we have worked with a wide variety of styles and installation techniques. From Traditional to Formal, from Mid-Century Modern to Industrial Modern and everything in between. We are constantly pushing the boundaries of what can be done in the landscape.

At Mile High Landscaping we believe that a great landscape project results from the integration of our client’s ideas with our experience and artistic skills. Let us help you realize a new vision of outdoor living. Start living your dream, call for your consultation today. Our designers and project managers at Mile High Landscaping have the knowledge, experience, and understanding you can trust.

Our Landscape Design Process:

Step 1. Initial Consultation

Your new landscape starts with an initial consultation. At this meeting, you can look at our full portfolio, discuss your needs and wants, and we’ll take an initial look at your existing landscape, and surrounding conditions.

Step 2. Conceptual Plan Drafting

After the initial consultation meeting, our designers will draft a full-color conceptual plan. This plan will illustrate the overall layout of the home with respect to the new landscape. The designer may draw elevation detail drawings to help demonstrate the look and feel of certain special features, such as outdoor kitchens, fire features, water features, or wood structures.

Step 3. Presentation of Plan and Proposal

After the conceptual design is finished we create an itemized proposal. At our second meeting with the client, we will review the conceptual plan, explain the layout, flow, uses of new areas created, and overall purpose of new landscape features. At this meeting, we will describe the construction techniques used to create the new landscape features and answer any additional questions you may have. An itemized proposal that corresponds to the conceptual plan will be provided and explained. This preliminary budget allows us to work with our clients to value engineer their project and easily make changes to ensure that all our clients’ expectations are met.

You may have some ideas of your own or you may want some ideas from our designers. Important things our designers will be evaluating are:

• The Architecture of the home
• The overall style of neighborhood and surrounding areas
• Breathtaking views (or undesirable ones)
• House and trim color
• Existing plantings and features
• Budget
• Required permits and HOA guidelines

Step 4. Starting the Job:

Once the final details of the project have been worked out an estimated start date will be given to you. This start date may change depending on weather, change orders, permits, or HOA approvals. We pride our self on efficient construction. Mile High Landscaping has invested in the machines, tools, and human resources to ensure that we can be fast and efficient at installing your landscape, letting you get back to your normal life and to enjoy your new landscape. Start living your dream- call for your consultation today.



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