Architectural and Modern Landscaping in Washington Park Denver

Contemporary, Modern

emulating Architecture in the LANDSCAPE 

This Denver Wash Park Home has a Stunningly STRONG architectural style with matching MODERN LANDSCAPING! The LANDSCAPE DESIGN goal for this project was to have the outdoor living space to seamlessly blend and compliment the unique architecture of the home. Naturally, because we here at Mile High Landscaping like a challenge and we also love to use unique materials, with unique installation methods; this was the perfect project to showcase our MODERN LANDSCAPE DESIGN creativity.

As you can see we achieved this MODERN Landscapes grade changes and soil retention using some of our more favorite materials, CONCRETE and STEEL. In the first level of soil retention, we custom fabricated and powder coated a steel wall to match the STRIKING vertical steel cladding on the front of the home. These next layer of retaining walls was accomplished using a specialized concrete wall finish called board form. To complement the concrete walls, we also used the board form concrete finish for the custom concrete fire pit.  Finishing it off, we installed low maintenance ornamental grasses and smaller evergreen shrubs which gave us just the right amount of “Plant Life”, as well as creating some wintertime color and interest.

Through a combined team effort of both our design and expert craftsmanship, we were able to beautifully emulate this homes Architecture in to its MODERN LANDSCAPE!

MODERN Outdoor Living Space – CONCRETE and STEEL

Project Components, Features, and Fixtures:

  • Custom Concrete Retaining Wall with Board Form Finish
  • Custom Concrete Steppers with Mexican Beach Pebble Boarders
  • Custom Crafted, Board Formed Concrete Fire Pit – natural gas plumbed
  • Custom Powder Coated Steel Retaining Wall
  • Modern and Contemporary Style Furniture – Purchased at our store Creative Living

Some of Denver’s newest MODERN landscaping trends are using Board Formed Concrete and Steel. Is your home in demand for some of the newest trends?

Do you need a new, updated Modern Outdoor Living Space?

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