Modern / Contemporary, Five Points, Denver


This modern contemporary property in Five Points needed a private courtyard escape. We worked with the existing cinder block wall to create a protective, yet airy, steel “fence.” An unexpected bonus was the clients’ beloved cat gained an inescapable room with a view.

A fabulous custom retractable shade provides protection from the elements, while keeping an open feel. The stone gas fire pit encourages cozy conversation at one end of the patio. At the other end, a relaxing seating area invites guests to sit and enjoy the views.

Both areas are part of a continuous space brought together by plantings around the perimeter. Drought resistant plants and grasses are used with crushed gravel. This eco-friendly approach lets the home owners have a lower maintenance outdoor space, while keeping a consistently modern vibe.

Naturalistic furniture was used with materials of wood, stone, and woven fibers. Texture, shape, and pattern gives a Southwestern flair. Minimalist lighting is practical yet pleasing to the eye.













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